Read how innovation in clinical research is increasing awareness, education and transportation for clinical trials.

About Javara


Progress Through Access.

Javara is an Integrated Research Organization (IRO) that is driven to change the clinical research experience and expand access to clinical trials - for both providers and patients.

While our model may be innovative, our team includes seasoned clinical research leaders who have collectively led over 10,000 trials and engaged more than 200,000 people in clinical trials. Javara's team knows there is a better way and we are dedicated to changing the way clinical research is conducted in an effort to expand access to clinical research for all.

Through relentless advocacy and precise execution, Javara is revolutionizing the clinical trial experience.

We partner

with value-oriented healthcare systems, committed to integrating clinical research participation options within the continuum of care.

We deliver

a proven, comprehensive, standardized, and streamlined end-to-end clinical research platform that drives trial efficiencies, increases volume of trial offerings, and reduces time, risks, and costs traditionally associated with clinical trials.

We enable

healthcare organizations to engage in a scalable clinical research offering that mitigates financial and regulatory risks traditionally associated with conventional clinical research models, with best-of-class technologies.

We engage

the entire healthcare system in clinical research by aligning with population health and other strategic initiatives that will aid in creating value for the system.

We strive

to help improve health outcomes and increase engagement of patients in their own healthcare management.

We Connect

key stakeholders through a more predictable clinical research delivery model; patient volunteers, healthcare organizations and their providers, and biopharmaceutical companies and Contract Research Organizations (CROs), bringing alignment and optimizing shared value.

We Offer

hope to patients with access to integrated research and trial opportunities, and a more holistic approach as a part of their overall healthcare experience.

Our mission is to accelerate access to research for all to advance global health and well-being.

Our vision is to
provide clinical research opportunities for all
, promoting knowledge, integrity, quality and excellence for the benefit of all stakeholders.