About Javara


Delivering Clinical Research As A Care Option

Javara is an Integrated Research Organization (IRO) that is driven to change the clinical research experience and expand access to clinical trials - for both providers and patients. We were founded with the vision and intention of Clinical Research As A Care Option (CRAACO) becoming a reality for all patients, with the goal to transform the clinical trial landscape to ensure the right patients have access to the right trials at the right time. Javara delivers first-class clinical research services to healthcare organizations; bringing a turnkey practice-based clinical trials infrastructure to engage more physicians and patients to participate in clinical research. Recognizing the administrative and resource burden associated with the complexities of clinical trial conduct at the practice level, we aim to make research more efficient and accessible.

Through relentless advocacy for patients and precise execution of highly effective methods, Javara is revolutionizing the clinical trial experience.

We engage

key stakeholders: patient volunteers, healthcare organizations, biopharmaceutical companies and Contract Research Organizations (CROs), to integrate clinical research participation into the continuum of care for more individuals. Through a more predictable clinical research delivery model, we bring alignment and increased shared value.

We advance

the impact of research in healthcare organizations by engaging them in a scalable clinical research offering and helping them meet their population health outcome goals.

We deliver

better access to clinical trials for patients and bring a comprehensive and streamlined clinical research infrastructure to improve efficiency, while reducing risks and costs traditionally associated with clinical trials.

Our mission is to accelerate access to research for all to advance global health and well-being.

Our vision is to
provide clinical research opportunities for all
, promoting knowledge, integrity, quality and excellence for the benefit of all stakeholders.