What is an Integrated Research Organization?


Transforming Clinical Research Together

For too long, industry sponsored research has operated independent of healthcare. Care providers have struggled with presenting clinical research to their patients, and in many instances, physicians have had limited awareness of and access to clinical trials. All the while, the time and cost to bring an intervention to market continues to rise, and patients continue to wait, hopeful of promising care options.

Javara’s Integrated Research Organization (IRO) model was created with the vision and intention of Clinical Research As A Care Option (CRAACO) becoming a reality for all patients, with the goal of ensuring the right patients have access to the right trials at the right time. We aim to transform the clinical research ecosystem – by ensuring clinical trials are readily accessible as part of the care delivered by health care organizations, creating a trusted access point for patients. It’s a comprehensive model that improves the experience for all stakeholders and expands access to new therapies for patients throughout these systems of care.

Our Integrated Research Organization
model removes clinical trial barriers

for biopharma, health systems, clinicians and patients – resulting in increased trial participation,
better health outcomes and improved financial viability.

While the IRO model does represent the scale of clinical research activities within a healthcare organization, it is not without intentional pursuit of clinical trials that serve to meet the needs of patients.

Through the lens of the healthcare organization, there are three primary opportunities to engage in clinical research that drive value:

  • Populations where there are limited or no treatment options
  • Populations where treatment options are not highly effective
  • Populations limited by treatment options due to cost constraints

Collectively, these populations represent a high percentage of healthcare cost due to uncontrolled disease which leads to complications and co-morbidities.


Javara and our healthcare partners believe clinical research can and should be part of how we address an ever-growing problem that impacts millions.

IRO and Health Systems:
Embedded, Integrated and Customized

Our Integrated Research Organization model marries seamlessly with value-oriented healthcare organizations. Javara augments the population health strategy of a healthcare organization by identifying the right clinical trials to best address the needs of patient populations.

Our Clinical Trial Navigators work along-side physician investigators, while reducing the workload of providers and enhancing value-based roles such as nurse navigators and care coordinators within the health system. Physicians can provide patients with the latest care options, leverage an integrated research team to advance clinical research and optimize offerings to patients to enhance outcomes that matter.

On the back end, we coordinate with biopharmaceutical companies, CROs, institutional review boards, and other stakeholders to deliver an effective framework for trial conduct. Managing these relationships is one more way we make it easier for health systems to say yes to clinical research.

Flexibility and Efficiency

At Javara, we’ve built a centralized clinical trials management system and workflow that introduces efficiencies into the research process at scale. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach – because what works for one system may not work in yours.

Our innovative model flexes with each partner to meet specific needs of the organization and patient population. Rather than forcing an existing system or technology on to health systems, we work with existing systems and EMR to get the best of both worlds.

With Javara, you add innovation to your health system.
And you do it without the learning curve, administrative burden, or financial risk of developing a new core competency.

IRO and Biopharma: Connected, Simplified and Accelerated

What if you had a relationship with biopharma that transcended the often transactional relationship that ensues? What if you were comfortably able to provide them with a well-run clinical trial and reliable data? What if you could truly partner with them and help inform R&D initiatives by aligning your patient population’s unmet needs with their R&D engine?

But when we generate new opportunities for clinical research to thrive and advance, everyone benefits.

Together, we can reduce waste and drive value for health systems and biopharmaceutical companies alike, all while providing life-changing care options to more patients, faster.

The Integrated Research Organization Effect

We're improving global health by accelerating access to research.