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Chie Mushayamunda

Javara Launches Rides with Uber Health to Transcend the Barrier of Transportation for Clinical Trial Patients

By Chie Mushayamunda / March 25, 2019

Winston-Salem, North Carolina – Javara Inc., has announced the launch of Uber Health rides for patients to expand access to clinical research.  The initiative with Uber Health, the HIPAA-compliant technology solution from Uber, is centered around improving care options for patients by increasing clinical trial access and flexibility, aligning with Javara’s mission to improve the…

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DPharm 2018’s Impact: A Call to Innovate

By Chie Mushayamunda / October 9, 2018

DPharm 2018 was all about a community of innovators coming together to discuss their disruptive ideas that will transform the norm of clinical research and biopharma development ultimately, to the benefit of patients. It’s clear as we look throughout the world around us, the pace of innovation is accelerating. What it affects is not selective…

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Javara and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Sign Letter of Intent to Design an Operating Model to Advance Patient Access to Clinical Trials

By Chie Mushayamunda / September 25, 2018

Winston-Salem, North Carolina – Javara Inc., and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center (WFBMC) announce they have signed a letter of intent to design a fully integrated operating model that will expand integration of industry-sponsored clinical trials to patients for whom WFBMC serves, making clinical trials more accessible. Javara is pleased to offer WFBMC the additional…

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Javara’s innovative clinical research approach featured on Outsourcing-Pharma.com

By Chie Mushayamunda / September 19, 2018

Our mission at Javara is to build the next generation integrated research organization (IRO) to transform clinical research into a recognized care option. We are working to integrate meaningful clinical trial opportunities for healthcare systems and their patients, while providing a reliable clinical trial delivery model to biopharmaceutical companies. It’s a model that is getting…

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Javara CEO Aims Far Beyond ‘Clinical Triad’ Home Base

By Chie Mushayamunda / August 30, 2018

Originally published by NC Biotech Jennifer Byrne wants to take some of the error out of trials. Clinical trials, that is. As the co-founder, CEO and board chair of Javara Inc., a privately funded Winston-Salem clinical research services firm, Byrne is convinced her company’s newly minted “Integrated Research Organization” platform offers a more-effective solution to the…

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Educating Today’s Youth to be Innovators of Tomorrow

By Chie Mushayamunda / August 3, 2018

Having the opportunity to hear about the Clinical Research industry can be very impactful for those who know little about it, and viewed to be time well spent in the eyes of the Javara team. Clinical research is a unique field that is vital to the delivery of safe and effective medicines to our pharmacy…

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