BioPharma & CRO


Innovating the clinical trial Process To Drive Progress.

Typically, patients do not learn about clinical research from their physicians unless their physicians are directly engaged in research. This has an adverse impact on trial enrollment rates and can hinder the timely delivery of new breakthrough therapies to patients.

Javara works with biopharmaceutical companies and CROs to bring more clinical trials to the patients who need them most. With access to millions of patients and innovative technology, we are able to better match patients to trials.

Today, less than 1% of the U.S. population participates in clinical research, yet 72% say they would participate if recommended to do so by their physician.

Through our high-value healthcare partnerships, we are:

Enabling expanded clinical trial access to providers and patients
Delivering a standardized clinical research services platform
Reducing time, risks, and costs traditionally associated with clinical trials and site performance

Javara provides a comprehensive and reliable clinical research model that innovates the clinical trial experience for healthcare organizations and patients, while effectively and efficiently advancing the drug development process. By better connecting physicians, patients, the biopharmaceutical enterprise and Contract Research Organizations (CROs), our model represents a paradigm shift leading to increased clinical trial awareness, access and participation.


The Business of Clinical Research Is Under Pressure:

of trials are not completed on time
of trials are delayed due to patient enrollment issues
of physician researchers leave clinical research after a single trial

Javara’s next generation Integrated Research Organization (IRO) model optimizes the drug development process through a platform built to better engage healthcare organizations, providers and patients in research participation.