BioPharma & CRO Services


Unparalleled connections. Transformative solutions.

With services aligned to today’s healthcare landscape, Javara is well positioned to support the goal of value-oriented healthcare, while improving trial efficiencies to accelerate the drug development cycle.


PATIENTS are introduced by their healthcare organization and providers to clinical trials.


PATIENTS receive specialized care while advancing medicine.


HEALTHCARE ORGANIZATIONS partner with Javara, forming a delivery platform to execute clinical trials and serving as a catalyst for innovation.


HEALTHCARE ORGANIZATIONS realize value through better care for patients and contribution to advancing medicine.


BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY partners with Javara to access a more predictable clinical research model.


BIOPHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY benefits from a reliable site services collaborative to expedite the drug development process.

Through our network of healthcare partners,

Javara's capabilities include:

Access to EHR Data

CLIA Certified Labs


Dedicated Clinical Refrigeration and Freezer Storage

Dedicated Monitoring Space

Dedicated Research Space

Emergency Equipment and Supplies



IATA Certification

OSHA Compliance

Patient Engagement Expertise

Reliable Feasibility

Remote Monitoring Capabilities

Secured Climate-Controlled Investigational Product Storage

Stipend Payments Through ClinCard


Text Message Capabilities

Transportation Services

With our wide range of experience and access, Javara has the ability to execute trials across a variety of therapeutic areas:





Infectious Disease

Internal Medicine

Men's Health



Sleep Medicine


Women's Health

Our collaborative approach to clinical trials greatly improves the efficiency and speed of a trial while reducing costs.

Data driven patient match

Reliable quality data

Effective site activation framework

Infrastructure to mitigate regulatory risk

Javara’s model improves predictability while reducing the volatility in clinical research. Biopharmaceutical companies and CROs partnering with Javara have an opportunity to leverage expertise and data for feasibility that leads to reliable trial performance. All this is done with the goal of ensuring patient needs are at the center of our service. With the precision engagement and highly effective processes, clinical trials become more relevant to our healthcare partners for the benefit to all.

Javara represents an unencumbered partner to both healthcare organizations and industry stakeholders amplifying the effect of strategy combined with expertise.

With Javara, our success is your success — and we define it as improving the efficiency, reliability, and conduct of your clinical trials. By refining the clinical trial experience, we deliver better outcomes for all.