Clinical Research as a Care Option


Expanded options. Lower Costs.

It’s no secret that America is in a healthcare crisis. Millions are uninsured, millions more are underinsured. Even for those who have health insurance, the cost of care can still be a barrier.

But cost isn’t the only problem. Many struggle to find high-quality care, and in many cases, patients simply aren’t aware of new, innovative care that could help them.

Clinical research is one solution to these problems when we consider it as a viable care option.

Clinical research may make your treatment more effective and more affordable.


Clinical research as a care option, or CRAACO, is a way of connecting patients with clinical trials as part of their healthcare continuum.

For too long, clinical trials have been disconnected from the care provided by physicians, operating as a completely separate industry. As a result, doctors are often unaware of available clinical trials, which means they can't effectively offer clinical trial options that could help their patients.

Javara is working to improve access to clinical trials for patients through the deployment of CRAACO within partner health systems. We do this in a few key ways:

  • Supporting physicians and systems who subscribe to CRAACO by embedding staff and infrastructure to operationalize clinical trials
  • Connecting biopharmaceutical and device research to healthcare organizations and physicians in an effort to address population health needs
  • Working with patients throughout their clinical trial experience effectively engage them in their health management

As the name CRAACO suggests, we believe that clinical research can be an appropriate option for your medical care. And we want to make it easy for you to join the right clinical trial for your health needs.

We’re connecting research, doctors and patients so you have access to cutting edge therapies.

What Are the Benefits?

When we connect clinical research with your local doctors and healthcare organizations, you may benefit in a number of ways:

More affordable care: When you enroll in a clinical trial, the pharmaceutical company typically covers the cost associated with participation. This can be significant benefit for people who are uninsured or underinsured.

Better health: An overwhelming number of patients say their clinical trial experience has improved the quality of their care. And a recent study showed that clinical trial participation has the potential to improve your health, reducing complications and hospital admissions.

Improved health knowledge: Most who join a clinical trial report they have become more involved in their own health as a result. The more you know about your health needs, the easier it is to stay healthy!

New treatment options: While clinical trials may not be right for everyone, they do provide another excellent option for medical care. Rather than limiting yourself to traditional treatments, wouldn’t you like to consider all available options?

Closer medical attention: When you join a clinical trial, you’ll typically have more interaction with your care team than you would using traditional treatments. Your care team may also include a Clinical Trial Navigator who will help you follow your treatment plan and lifestyle changes.

Meaningful experience: Joining a clinical trial can be an enriching experience on many levels. Not only are you actively participating in new research for your own well-being, you’re also helping develop a new treatment that may benefit people around the world.

With clinical trials, you can improve your health and advance research for other people like you.

How to Participate

At Javara, we’re working to change the way patients, doctors, health systems and biopharmaceutical companies view clinical research.

As a patient, clinical trials shouldn’t be a last resort or a far-fetched hope. They should be available alongside traditional treatment methods as a legitimate care option.

To learn more about CRAACO, start by discussing clinical trials with your doctors. Ask what trials are available that could help with your health needs. Tell your provider that you want to consider all available care options, including clinical research. And if they aren’t knowledgeable about current trials, ask if they’re willing to find out for you.

You can also look into clinical trials on your own at Write down the names and details of any trials you think may be relevant to your health needs, and talk through that list with your doctor and care team.