Patient Participation Improves Health Outcomes For All


Access to Clinical Trials Means More Care Options

If you or a loved one has ever taken medicine, you have benefited from clinical research and the heroic contribution of patients who participate in clinical trials. Through these trials, numerous drugs, medical devices, and vaccines are developed – and established to be safe and effective for patients around the world.

As pioneers at the leading edge of research, clinical trial participants:

Positively impact the health of millions of people by participating in research studies.

Are more likely to be better informed about and involved in their own health.

Have access to cutting-edge and potentially life-saving care that might not otherwise be available to the general public.

At Javara, we’re working every day to improve the entire clinical trial experience for patients, including access to relevant trials for conditions such as:

Actinic Keratosis (AK)

Acute Infection

 Acid Reflux Disease (GERD)


 Allergies - Perennial

 Allergies - Seasonal


 Back Pain

Birth Control


 Celiac Disease

 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Congestive Heart Failure (Heart Failure)

 Coronary Heart Disease




 Enlarged Prostate




 Heart Attack (MI)


High Cholesterol

High Blood Pressure

High Triglycerides

 Irritable Bowel Syndrome



 Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH)






Rheumatoid Arthritis


Sleep Apnea

Sleep Disorders

Thyroid Disorders

Ulcerative Colitis

Vaccine - Variety

Clinical Trials – A Vital Step in Improving Health

Clinical trials are a key step in preventing and treating illnesses like heart disease and cancer, better controlling chronic diseases like diabetes, and providing life-altering cures like those for Hepatitis C. They ultimately assess both the safety and effectiveness of a product and are carefully conducted under rigorous U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards. For important information about clinical trials, click here.

Thanks to clinical research we know the safety and effectiveness of the medications we take. The combination of patients, biopharmaceutical companies, researchers, and physicians working together leads to potentially life-saving and health improving treatments.

And when the drugs or medical devices used in a clinical trial are demonstrated to be relatively safe and effective and are approved by the FDA – their benefit reaches exponentially beyond the trial participant. Physicians can now write prescriptions or patients can buy products directly.

By improving the clinical trial process for participants, researchers, and physicians, we’re improving access to innovative care for all patients.


We work with healthcare organizations, providers and biopharmaceutical companies to increase access to clinical trials, and to help patients better understand the role that clinical research can play as part of their care.

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Javara has launched rides with Uber Health to provide patients with dependable and convenient access to transportation to and from clinical trial appointments.


It's about better access And better care.

Javara’s approach speeds up the research process by linking patients, treatments, and physicians within a clinical setting. It’s about working toward better health through improved access to clinical research and top-notch care. Many participants report being happier with their care and feeling more in control of their health as a result of their involvement in clinical trials.

Integration of clinical research into overall care can lead to better health outcomes, lower healthcare costs, and an increased knowledge about personal health. As a patient, that means you’ll have the ability to access Clinical Research as a Care Option (CRAACO) and transform your healthcare experience.

Javara is advancing access to clinical research with our Integrated Research Organization (IRO) model.

Click here to learn more about our mission, and how we might be able to help you determine whether clinical research is the right option for you or your family member.

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