Getting patients on the road to care with Uber Health


Improving Care Options by Increasing Clinical Trial Access and Flexibility.

Participants report being happier with their care and feeling more in control of their health as a result of their involvement in clinical trials. With Uber Health, we're helping to expand access and transcend barriers to participation for volunteers.

3.6 million

Americans miss medical appointments due to lack of reliable transportation

 In fact, one of the top challenges that research patients face is access to reliable, prepaid transportation to get to the clinic for their regular study visits. At Javara, we’re working to improve the entire clinical trial experience for patients, which is why we’re using Uber Health to help clinical trial participants get reliable, prepaid rides to their appointments.

With Uber Health, clinical trial participants can save time, be alleviated of the financial burden of transportation, and focus on what’s important - their health.

How it works

This service allows patients participating in clinical trials at one of Javara’s healthcare organization partners to receive convenient, prepaid transportation to study visits. Javara Clinical Trial Navigators are able to request and coordinate rides for patients through a centralized dashboard, with patients being alerted to their ride details on their phone. With the ability to schedule a ride up to 30 days in advance, important appointments won’t be missed.  Uber Health does not require that patients have a smart phone or have the Uber app.

Here's a quick look at how Uber Health works


*Uber Health is for non-emergency transportation

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Transportation is a component of the clinical trial patient journey and through our Uber Health partnership, we are working toward improved health outcomes through access to meaningful clinical trials. If you are a patient and are interested in learning about the trials we are conducting fill out the form here and our team will be in touch.